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Duet Dance Studio Chicago offers ballroom dance lessons and wedding dance classes. We teach salsa, swing, tango and waltz dance lessons. Privately and in groups, for adults and kids.

8 Tips to Looking Good Dancing at your Wedding


Get useful tips on ballroom dancing and wedding dance preparation and watch tutorial videos created by Szewai Lee, founder of Duet Dance Studio.

8 Tips to Looking Good Dancing at your Wedding

Szewai Lee

Your big day is approaching and the thought of dancing in front of your wedding guests terrifies you. You don’t want to look like a fool on the dance floor but the only ballroom dance training you had was back in elementary school gym class. No worries. Check out these 8 quick tips that will help you even if you have two or four left feet.

1. Choose a Danceable and Wedding Appropriate Song

Find a song that has a clear beat that you can easily dance to. Also, the melody of a song may sound sweet and romantic but that doesn’t mean a song is appropriate for your wedding. Listen to the lyrics and make sure there aren’t any negative hidden meanings or inappropriate language. Here is a list of some of my favorite classic first dance songs.

2. Enter the Dance Floor with Confidence

The grand entrance of your first dance is important as all eyes will be on you! Stand up tall, keep your head up and walk onto the dance floor confidently. Once you get to the middle of the dance floor, remain calm and listen to the music before you start dancing.

Students of Duet Dance Studio, Amber and Ashton, dancing at their wedding. Photo credit: eight one seven photography

Students of Duet Dance Studio, Amber and Ashton, dancing at their wedding. Photo credit: eight one seven photography

3. Hold a Proper Dance Position

Learn how to hold a proper dance position so that you feel connected to each other while you dance. A proper dance position also gives you a more polished look so that you look great in pictures!

4. Don't Sway Like you were in Junior High

Take some dance lessons so that you are not swaying like you were in Junior High! Check out these videos as I show you how to do a simple box step and the outside turn.

How to Do the Box Step

How to Do a Simple Turn


5. Don't Look Down at your Feet

I know you don’t want to step on your partner’s toes. However, looking down at your feet will only show your guests how worried you really are. If you maintain a proper dance position and eye contact with your partner, you should be dancing without stepping on each other.


6. Stay Calm when you Make a Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes including professional dancers. The difference between a professional and an amateur is that a professional doesn’t show it on his/her face when he/she makes a mistake. It’s very likely that you will use the wrong foot or step on the wedding dress at some point during the dance, but that’s okay. Your guests won’t notice as long as you stay calm and continue dancing.


7. Smile

Fake it until you make it! Make sure you smile when you dance. It is your wedding day, you should look happy! Not only will you feel more relaxed and look confident to your guests but you will also look better in pictures if you smile.


8. Dance No More than 3 minutes

Keep your dance short and sweet. Dancing in front of people can be nerve-racking and minutes on the dance floor can feel like forever. To make sure your guests don’t get bored, keep the dance under 3 minutes. If your first dance song is longer than 3 minutes, you can either have your DJ fade it at around 3 minutes or your band play a shorter version of it.


How are you preparing for your first dance? What other things you can do to make sure you feel confident about the first dance? Please share!

Also, check out this short video and learn more advice from our students, Amber and Ashton!

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Happy dancing!



Szewai (C-Y) Lee is the founder of Duet Dance Studio, a Chicago dance studio that offers personalized wedding dance lessons. Voted as one of Chicago Top 5 Dance Teachers 2013 on Art Intercepts, Szewai believes that social dance can bring people closer and is particularly beneficial to couples. In the process of learning to dance together, a couple can develop a deeper sense of connection that helps them cope with other aspects of their relationship. Check out her blog for more useful tips on wedding dance preparation! You can also find Szewai on Google+,  LinkedIn and Twitter.


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