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2412 West North Avenue, Suite 201
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Duet Dance Studio Chicago offers ballroom dance lessons and wedding dance classes. We teach salsa, swing, tango and waltz dance lessons. Privately and in groups, for adults and kids.

Easy Country Line Dances for Wedding Receptions


Get useful tips on ballroom dancing and wedding dance preparation and watch tutorial videos created by Szewai Lee, founder of Duet Dance Studio.

Easy Country Line Dances for Wedding Receptions

Szewai Lee

Country line dances are a fantastic way to get everyone on the dance floor at your wedding reception, but many couples are unsure which dances to choose and how to perform them. The experts at Duet Dance Studio are happy to share two simple line dances which you can use at a wedding reception and are approachable for novice dancers.

First, here are our tips for incorporating a line dance at your wedding reception:

  1. Work with your DJ - Let your DJ know how many line dances you’d like to do and which songs you want. DJs are pros when it comes to reading the energy of a crowd and will play a line dance at the best moment in your reception. Ask your DJ to announce the song as a line dance and invite everyone to the floor to give it a try.

  2. Put in a few ‘Ringers’ - We recommend telling your wedding party in advance which line dances will be at the reception and sending them a link to the videos below. This way, as soon as the song starts they can rush on to the floor and start dancing right away. They can also serve as models for other dancers to follow along.

Copperhead Road

Arguably the most popular line dance ever, Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road has an excellent tempo and the dance is simple enough for everyone to pick up on. The video below breaks it down for you. Remember to rewind and replay as often as you need to feel comfortable with the movements.


Watermelon Crawl

This line dance classic is a little more complex than Copperhead Road, but Tracey Bird’s Watermelon Crawl is such a catchy song that it’s hard not to dance to. The video below demonstrates the most simple footwork for the line dance. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you can dress it up with claps, stomps, or turns.

We hope you enjoy this blog post. How are you spicing up your wedding reception? Please share your ideas with us!

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The Duet Team is a group of friendly dancers who are passionate about helping people and sharing the joy of ballroom dance. And we love to make new friends and have fun at work! Duet Dance Studio is located in Chicago West Bucktown. We offer ballroom dance lessonswedding dance instruction and private dance parties. Online Wedding Dance Lessons and Skype dance lessons are also available! Dances we teach include Salsa, Swing, Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Waltz and Foxtrot. Sign up for an introductory dance lesson now to get started!