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Duet Dance Studio Chicago offers ballroom dance lessons and wedding dance classes. We teach salsa, swing, tango and waltz dance lessons. Privately and in groups, for adults and kids.

How to DIY your Father-Daughter Dance


Get useful tips on ballroom dancing and wedding dance preparation and watch tutorial videos created by Szewai Lee, founder of Duet Dance Studio.

How to DIY your Father-Daughter Dance

Szewai Lee

During the process of wedding planning, learning a Father-Daughter dance might seem like a lot of work; however, spending time with your family and creating a unique dance together can be extremely rewarding. After all, weddings are about strengthening family bonds both old and new, and dance is a fantastic way to do that. The wedding experts at Duet Dance Studio are excited to share some DIY tips to begin your unique Father-Daughter dance.

Tip #1: Start Early

As your wedding approaches, time can be in short supply. To best prepare for your dance and to get the most out of it, we recommend starting a Father-Daughter dance at least 3 months before your wedding. This will allow both you and your Dad to get comfortable moving together while creating a great foundation for your learning. Start listening to songs together to find one which best expresses your relationship. See our blog post on unique father-daughter dance songs and the dance styles which best suit them.

Tip #2: Short and Sweet

How long should a Father-Daughter dance be? One to two minutes is standard for parent dances. A short and sweet Father-Daughter dance requires less preparation and prevents a lull in the energy of your wedding reception. Remember, you don’t have to dance to an entire song, your DJ can fade out the music for you as you exit the floor when you’ve finished your dance. For those seeking a more polished or choreographed piece, dancing for around 3 minutes is a good length. Check out our student, Virginia and her dad's dance below. They wanted an upbeat and fun choreography. And their weekly lessons in the 3 months prior to the wedding were a chance for them to connect with each other while learning something new. 

Tip #3: Dance Frame

The way you use your arms to connect with your dance partner is called the frame, and it is a key element of any dance style. Most issues, like bumping into your partner or stepping on each other's feet, can be easily remedied by re-establishing your frame. Watch these short videos to learn about the correct dance position and how to improve leading and following skills.

Tip #4: Start with the Basic

The basic step shown in the video below is perfect for beginners. It is simple to do and work great with a lot of father daughter dance songs. Practice this repeatedly until it becomes second nature. 

Tip #5: Personalize it

Do you and your Dad have a go-to goofy dance move? Or does your Dad love making you spin like he did when you were a kid? Or maybe you both are super fans of classic rock n’ roll and want to do some air guitar. Whatever makes you special, don’t be afraid to express it! A personalized dance is not only entertaining to watch, but creates a close (or closer!) bond between you and your Dad in the process. Enjoy it!

What's your father-daughter dance song? How are you preparing this special moment at your wedding? Please comment below.

And if you'd like to learn more wedding dance moves or need additional help with your father-daughter dance, click the bottom below. We look forward to dancing with you soon!

Duet Dance Studio is a group of friendly dancers who are passionate about helping people and sharing the joy of ballroom dance. Our physical studio is located in Chicago West Bucktown. We offer ballroom dance lessonswedding dance instruction and private dance partiesOnline Wedding Dance Lessons and Skype dance lessons are also available! Dances we teach include Salsa, Swing, Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Waltz and Foxtrot. Sign up for an introductory dance lesson now to get started!