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2412 West North Avenue, Suite 201
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Duet Dance Studio Chicago offers ballroom dance lessons and wedding dance classes. We teach salsa, swing, tango and waltz dance lessons. Privately and in groups, for adults and kids.

Top 10 Dance Floor No-no's


Get useful tips on ballroom dancing and wedding dance preparation and watch tutorial videos created by Szewai Lee, founder of Duet Dance Studio.

Top 10 Dance Floor No-no's

Szewai Lee

I know how frustrating it is when the driver in front of you stops on the road for no reason or a group of tourists blocks the whole sidewalk while you are running late for work. In order to have a great time dancing socially, we too have to respect our partners and all dancers on the dance floor. Before your next dance party, read these top 10 dance floor no-no's!

1. Teach your Dance Partner

BYOB Salsa Dance Party at Duet Dance Studio.

BYOB Salsa Dance Party at Duet Dance Studio.

Even if you have had years of dance experience, offering advice to your dance partner without being asked to is rude! It's your partner's teacher's job to teach him or her. Be nice and friendly so that people feel comfortable dancing with you. 

2. Blame your Dance Partner

Partner dancing is a team work. It's never one person's fault when a dance doesn't go well. Instead of blaming your partner, focus on what you can do better as a leader or follower.

3. Back Lead

Back leading is a major no-no in partner dancing. Traditionally, men lead and women follow on the dance floor. In order to dance smoothly, everyone has to follow this rule. Followers, it's a chance for you to let go, relax and enjoy the ride!

4. Spin the Follower Nonstop


We all love turns. However, too many turns in a row can cause dizziness. It can also be dangerous to other dancers especially when the dance floor is crowded. So, turn your partner sparingly so that it is fun to your partner and  safe to the other dancers.

5. Dip the Follower a Lot

Similar to over turning. Dipping your partner a lot can cause pain to your partner. Leader, before you dip your partner, make sure he/she feels comfortable being dipped. Test it out with an easy dip and don't do more than 2 dips in a dance. 

6. Drink Too Much

There is nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks before you dance. However, being overly intoxicated can affect your dancing. And besides, you want to remember the people you've danced with and their names! 

7. Take Up Too Much Space

Unless you have a huge or empty dance floor, respect other dancers by keeping your steps small and contained. Be careful not to hit other dancers with any fancy arm styling.

8. Move Against the Line of Dance

When moving across the dance floor in traveling dances, such as Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango, you must go with the Line of Dance, which is a counterclockwise flow around the dance floor. That way, you can minimize the chance of running into other dancers. Also, if you are doing stationary dances, such as Swing, stay in the middle of the dance floor so that traveling dancers can move around you.

9. Bad BO


Since you will be dancing closely with people, pay attention to personal grooming. Keep your breath fresh with mints and take breaks to freshen up with body spray and deodorant. And remember to wash your hands after using the restroom!

10. We are missing the last one!

Please help us complete this list! What other dance floor no-no's can you think of? Please leave a comment below.


Happy Dancing! 


The Duet Team is a group of friendly dancers who are passionate about helping people and sharing the joy of ballroom dance. And we love to make new friends and have fun at work! Duet Dance Studio is located in Chicago West Bucktown. We offer ballroom dance lessonswedding dance instruction and private dance partiesOnline Wedding Dance Lessons and Skype dance lessons are also available! Dances we teach include Salsa, Swing, Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Waltz and Foxtrot. Sign up for an introductory dance lesson now to get started!